Welcome to Magpie Lane.
Home of Magpie Lane Microfarm and Magpie Lane Handmade

Home of Magpie Lane Handmade and Magpie Lane Microfarm

All of our fresh produce and microgreens are grown following organic principles. Entirely chemical free.

Our growing areas have all been prepared with the help of our lovely farm pets. 

First the pigs are put into the area to clear and plough it up, then in go the chooks to scratch the ground, spread the manure and clean up any weed seeds left by the pigs. The bed area is then watered well and left for a couple of weeks for any further weed seeds to germinate before we add more manure and rotary hoe the whole area ready for planting.

Our aim is to grow healthy chemical free produce for ourselves, our family and our wider local community.

You can find us at the Mudgee Farmers Markets on the third Saturday of each month or  Follow us on facebook to stay up to date